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After my father’s passing, I had to toil relentlessly to provide for my family.” — Broda Shagg

Broda Shaggi! Joor oh, That’s my guest today. You can go and condemn me wherever but I have to do it because Broda Shaggi is one of my favorite actors.

He is a multitalented human being, who I just think he’s talent is incredible.

Talent is a gift, it’s people like Broda shaggi that reminds you that ‘somethings no be by effort sometimes‘. I have been looking forward to sitting down with him, just sitting down with him to be honest. Sitting down with him and saying look I’m your fan and I love what you’re doing.

Samuel Perry is his given name, straight out of Makoko and into screens all over the world, I can’t wait to meet Broda shaggy for the first time.

In this interview, Broda Shaggi explained how life was really difficult after his father passed. He took up the responsibility to feed his mother and brothers with the money he made from acting in school.

He said: “Honestly, Makoko was a life I don’t think I want to live again. The life I don’t think I want to live ever again. You know, surviving every day was something hard, something hard I won’t lie.

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