Former AMAC chairman commission Mairo Pottery Center Ushafa

Former AMAC chairman commission Mairo Pottery Center Ushafa


Government has been called to invest more in the art of pottery as the potential in this sector cannot be over emphasised.
Speaking at the commissioning of Mairo Pottery Center Ushafa Bwari Area Council, guests at the event also commend the Center, for it’s role in empowerment and job creation.

Hon. Abdullahi Adamu Candido said, Mairo has further deepen the course of what the people from the nation’s capital have as a national monument, he said the FCT Administration needs to tell Nigerians who Abuja indigenes are, their cultures, their heritage and monument. He added that their cultures needs to be preserved by the Government.
The former AMAC chairman also said, if government realise’s the importance of pottery they’ll use even informal means to generate revenue from pottery in various parts of the nation.

On the other, Hon. Musa Dikko the immediate past Chairman of Bwari Area council expressed satisfaction saying Mairo Pottery Centre will provide job opportunities to youths thereby strengthening the country’s economy.
He said, Ushafa has in it’s own way showcase and it keeps showcasing the FCT and Nigeria to the world through it’s pottery activities

pottery has been an economy driving force that has changed the fortune of many great nations, playing a central role in many ceremonial rituals and more recently, it has been found to have many therapeutic benefits.
Mairo Pottery Center was commissioned on the 2nd November, 2023 by the former AMAC chairman, Hon. Abdullahi Adamu Candido.

With the advent of Mairo Pottery Center Usha, it will bring back the lost glory of pot making by the legendary Ladi Kwali of blessed memory in the FCT.

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