Jethro Iliya
20th June 2023

The Liquor Licensing Board in Niger State has issued a stern warning to beer vendors in the State, emphasizing the need to adhere to the law or face legal action.

In an interview with Mallam Ibrahim Muhammad Bonu, the Secretary of the Board, revealed that arrangements have been made to destroy seized alcohol worth over N20 million in Suleja town, Niger state. These alcoholic beverages were confiscated due to violations of Niger State’s liquor prohibition, sales, and consumption laws.

Mallam Ibrahim Muhammad Bonu appealed to liquor vendors across the state, urging them to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations governing liquor sales. He stressed that any vendors caught violating liquor laws or employing underage individuals in their businesses would have their premises sealed.

He further advised vendors to comply with the designated operating hours specified in the bye-laws of the Niger State Liquor Licensing Board. Failure to do so could result in their expulsion from the industry and subsequent prosecution.

Mallam Ibrahim Bonu further cautioned the Board’s staff to carry out their duties following liquor laws. Any staff member found neglecting their responsibilities or colluding with vendors to bypass due process as mandated by the liquor law would face legal consequences.

All beer vendors in Niger state need to recognize the gravity of these warnings and ensure strict compliance with the liquor licensing regulations to avoid penalties and prosecution.

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