Salka Elites Condemn Turbaning of District Head in Niger State, Urge Governor Umar Bago to Intervene

The Salka Elites Forum of Nigeria, Niger State chapter, has expressed its dissatisfaction with the recent turbaning of the District Head of Tungan Kade, and has called upon Governor Umar Bago to intervene in the matter.

In a press statement issued at the conclusion of a one-day retreat held in Minna, the Salka Elites forum advised the Sarkin Sudan of Kontagora to familiarize himself with the traditional institutions of the diverse groups within the Kontagora Emirate.

The statement emphasized that the Emir of Kontagora should consistently demonstrate respect for and adherence to the traditions of the various tribal groups under his jurisdiction before making any decisions independently.

The forum’s advice comes in response to an unfortunate incident that occurred in Tungan Kade-Majinga, a Kambari Community in Magama Local Government, where the Emir appointed a Hausa Fulani settler as the Village Head of Tunga Kade.

This action by the Emir, who is expected to safeguard peace and cultural heritage, resulted in a breakdown of law and order in the area. The Salka Elites forum contends that the Emir’s decision contradicts the responsibilities and obligations of a first-class Emir. The turbaning of a Hausa Fulani individual as the village head has led to the destruction of residential houses and business premises, as well as numerous injuries, including that of a police officer.

Furthermore, the group opposes the unilateral creation of a new district and the appointment of the district head. This new district comprises eight Kambari communities and only one Fulani community, with the Fulani community designated as the headquarters and the same Fulani person appointed as the district head.

The Salka Elites forum considers the Emir of Kontagora’s actions unacceptable, disrespectful to the Kambari people, and unnecessary. The group appeals to Governor Umar Muhammad Bago to intervene, urging him to direct the Emir of Kontagora to rectify the situation and revoke all illegal and controversial appointments. This intervention is necessary to preserve the Kambari tradition, norms, and culture, preventing their complete disregard and potential embarrassment to the Kambari-speaking people.

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