The first female vice chairperson of Kogi local government area

The first female vice chairperson of Kogi local government area, Hon Hassana Jezhin Ishaku Bako paid a congratulatory visit yesterday 06/07/2023 to Hon Zephaniah Bitrus Jisalo over his ministerial nomination, by Ahmed Bola Tinubu, president of the federal republic of Nigeria and was successful screened by the Nigerian Senate..
Hon Jisalo happened to be the first gbagyi Indigenous minister in the history of Nigeria.

Hon Hassana Jezhin Ishaku Bako in conclusion also extends her heartfelt appreciation to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for breaking a long-standing jinx and demonstrating a commitment to social justice for all the original inhabitants of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). She commend the President’s recent nomination of Hon. Zaphaniah Bitrus Jisalo (Yerima Garki) as a ministerial nominee, which is a significant step in the right direction toward inclusivity and fairness for the Original Inhabitants and residents of the FCT.
This landmark decision represents a triumph for social justice and inclusivity in our beloved nation.
Abel Sunday

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